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Happy Birthday, Seaside Concierge!

We are 1!!! I know, it doesn't sound like much, but it is a big deal over here! Taking years of experience in hospitality, community service, volunteering and event planning and turning it into a business has been a dream come true and a blessing to all of us!

Last year I was coming off of an extended medical leave and still in the throes of the pandemic when I knew something had to change! I have all of this knowledge and information stuffed in my little brain and I have always enjoyed helping others. I received so many calls during 2020 to help with EDD problems and was so happy to help guide people to a successful resolution. Sadly, I was there to help a friend bury a parent and another organize and battle her second round of breast cancer in addition to a divorce shortly before. In 2020, I rallied the troops and tried to get back much of what was lost for our high school seniors.

I knew there was something more for me than being an old waitress! (Sorry Flo) I knew that all of this knowledge and information would be helpful to others. The question is...would they be willing to pay for it!?!

I am thrilled to say the answer to this is YES!

I have spent year 1 of Seaside Concierge doing so many interesting things for so many wonderful people! I worked closely with a local realtor and helped organize so many events, newsletters, daily upkeep of her website and communication, and executing neighborhood meet and greets including our Cute Dog Ugly Sweater party with Santa. I worked with a newer resident creating a magical Halloween party with a petting zoo and costume contest and helped the family make new friends. I did fun decor and balloons for a beautiful cowgirl's 2nd birthday and helped create a stunning bridal shower with all of the works! Planning multiple travel experiences including special surprises for another client and had a fantastic Navy send off as well as a last minute (literally, 4 hours to execute) birthday bash! I created 2 different respectful and beautiful memorials for 2 different families giving them the gift of peace during a difficult time. Pulled from the imagination of a 9-year-old, created a picture-perfect birthday party with all the fun and games he wanted. Baby showers, graduation decor, patriotic wreaths and balloon tower unicorns have been part of the job too! I have done airport transports, facetime property preview, firepit saving and office billing!

So many fun times giving people back the gift of time. I received multiple 'thank you' and appreciation notes and have been told how much I have relieved these people stress and given them the time to be present in their events instead of running around being the help. Thank you for the continued trust in me and Seaside Concierge and I will continue to meet your needs with respect and hard work!

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